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2013 Row by Row Pumpkins Kit


2015 Giant Rubber Duck Row by Row kit


2016 Row by Row (row only)


2017 Row by Row Jr (friendship bracelet)


2017 Row by Row kit (G A P)


2018 Row by Row Jr (Piano Keys)


2018 Row by Row kit (Pieced Piano)


Bobcat Cuddle Cloth Scarf Kit


Christmas Ribbons Table Runner Kit


Cork Key Fob Kit


Crazy Christmas Trees Kit


Cucina table runner kit


Essential Gems, Yankee Doodle


Fluffy Bunny Kit


Frivol 1


Frivols 1


Home for the Holiday Runner kit


Home for the Holidays Bird Table topper kit


Home for the Holidays Hex Topper Kit


Moda Frivols #4


Pink Lime Scarf Kit


Split Diamond Kit


Spring Bunnies Kit


Stone Path H-ween 2 Runner Kit


Stone Path Halloween Runner Kit


Superstars Kit


Tan/Cream Scarf Kit


The Way Home Kit


Tree Hugger Pillow Kit


Tulip FQ Lexington


Tulip FQ Mary E


Woodland Wonder Runner kit


2014 Winter Cardinal Row by Row Kit


2015 Aunt Phibian Row By Row Kit