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Explore & Embroider from the past 100 years!
The decades of the past create nostalgia for each and every one of us. We are excited to announce the big news for our Quarter 3 Embroidery Parties! We have entitled it "Remember When," and it is going to take you on a ride through history. The theme is going to be historically based with an emphasis on multiple decades. For Q3 the projects will be holiday themed and introduce some new techniques!

Remember When will span 7 different time periods from the 1800's to modern day! We will be teaching the latest embroidery techniques and sharing helpful tips and tricks!

During Remember When, you will be able to choose the projects you stitch out during the party from the different decades. You even get to choose the educational topic discussed during the event, and you still have the opportunity to win prizes and giveaways during the event!

Remember When will make you want to do the "jitter bug" or maybe even "Do the Hustle" when you attend this Embroidery Party! We know you are going to love this new "hip and groovy" Anita Goodesign Embroidery Party!

We will be holding this event at Murphy Hall in Connellsville, PA. Please click on Murphy Hall to view the location of this venue.

What happens at an EMBROIDERY PARTY?Here at Anita Goodesign, we are known for our fantastic Embroidery Parties! We pride ourselves in producing Events that our customers and dealers love by providing an educational opportunity to learn embroidery techniques while having fun!

Our events are structured using a team sewing environment, so our partygoers not only learn from their specially trained educator, but also from each other! This also give everyone a chance to get hands-on experience when creating their projects! Partygoers receive not only the designs taught in class, but also additional designs for them to stitch at home included with their full-color tutorial books!

With our all-new interactive game show-inspired class, learning the most cutting-edge techniques just got more exciting! At our Winter-themed Embroidery Parties, you get to vote for which projects are taught in class, so no two classes will ever be the same! We come prepared to teach 16 exciting projects, you pick some to stitch in class, and you go home with all of the projects on your exclusive design CD! When you attend an Embroidery Party, you'll also receive a full-color tutorial book with show specials and a wish list section included! Partygoers also get special sneak peeks into our upcoming collections!

February-March $79
April-May $89
June-July $99

Anita Goodesign Event

$ 99.00
Includes lunch both days