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Class Courtesy Policies

  • Please be sure to “sign up” for classes and not just “show up.”

This makes an awkward situation for both teacher and students if ample space is not available or handouts and supplies are not prepared.

  • Please pay for your class at the time of registration.

We must have a minimum of three students to hold a class.  When people sign up for a class and do not pay at registration, they often do not show, and we are left with a single student.  This is not fair for the teacher, who has prepared and must be paid, or for the one student, who in most cases prefers not to be the “teacher’s pet” but rather have social interaction.  If you pay for a class which must be canceled due to low enrollment, we will gladly refund your money!

  • Please call us if you cannot attend a session for which you have signed up.

Many times there are names on a waiting list for a class, and if you just don’t show up and don’t cancel in advance, it prevents another student from attending a class when they really want to.  Also, if you cancel more that 24 hours in advance, we will be happy to issue you a store credit to apply toward another class or merchandise.  However, if you cancel at the last minute, or just don’t show, we cannot issue credits or refunds in that case.

  • Please park in appropriate places to avoid towing or parking tickets.

For evening and weekend classes, you are welcome to utilize the parking lot next door to our store.  This lot is owned by the Fayette Chamber of Commerce, and they are very gracious to allow our customers to use it any time they are shopping, but never more than one hour during daytime, weekday hours.  If you are attending a class during the week from 9:00am to 5:00pm, we have made arrangements for you to park FREE in the lower lot behind the Fayette Building.  The owner of the building has also been gracious to allow our customers to use this lot, but you DO need a parking pass which we have on hand in the store.  Simply park next door or across the street to unload you machine and get a pass to place in the windshield.  Then park below in the lot with the pass in view.  When class is finished, go get your car and park next door to reload your machine in your car and return the pass to us at that time.  Any time that you need assistance in loading/unloading your machine and supplies, we are readily available and willing to help.

  • Please limit the wearing of strong perfumes, body lotions, etc. to class.

We have some customers who have allergies to perfumes and other fragrances.  Classes are close and contained to a small area, which could present issues for those who suffer from such allergies.  Please be considerate in this matter.  We want class to be enjoyable for all.